Mini sketch: $5
Mini painting: $15

C6 only


A4: $15
A3: $30
Extra detail: +50%


A4: $30
A3: $60
14x19: $100

Watercolour Painting

A4: $60
A3: $120
14x19: $200


A4: $80
A3: $160


commission details

+20% per additional character or subject.

+20% to add a background.

+50% for detailed background scenery.

+40% complexity charge for detailed subject (at artist's discretion.)






Commissions $100 and under must be paid fully up front. For large commissions over $100, I will allow a 50% deposit in advance if necessary. I’ll email through a Paypal invoice once the details have been discussed and agreed upon. The price of paintings and graphite renders include initial thumbnail sketches and proofs.


The pricing assumes that a high resolution digital image of the finished piece is all that’s required, but I’m happy to arrange for shipping of the original at an additional cost.


I'm also available for logo design and branding, digital painting and other work and can also do drawings and paintings in sizes other than those displayed, please contact me for a custom quote.




  • Deposit must be made in advance. Work on the commission won’t begin until payment is received. 
  • Shipping will be arranged and paid for separately. 
  • It’s the responsibility of the client to provide clear references of the subject or character as well as inform me of any important details that must be in the finished work. 
  • I reserve the right to refuse a commission based on content. 
  • The client has the opportunity to make changes during the initial concept stage and during sketching; once painting has started last minute changes won’t be accepted nor will refunds be given.
  • As the artist, I retain the copyright of the original work as well as the right to display it on websites and on my personal portfolio. 
  • The client has the right to make print reproductions for personal use, but may not profit from the sale of prints or the digital file. If you wish to make a commission specifically for selling as prints or merchandise, please contact me to arrange purchase of rights.
  • By making a payment, the client acknowledges that they have read and agree to the above terms.
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